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The New Guide to Social Impact Measurement is available now!

The "Guide to Social Impact Measurement” authored by Marie Banu Rodriguez, Director & Social Auditor at SAN UK was unveiled at SAN's annual gathering in Liverpool on 17th November 2023. This guide serves as a comprehensive resource for social impact assessors worldwide, offering a wealth of templates, best practices, and case studies. Designed as a practical companion, the Guide facilitates standardised tools to elevate the measurement and reporting of impact, fostering alignment with global standards. It notably supports assessors in participating in social stock exchanges, contributing to a broader ecosystem of ethical impact assessment.


The Guide is now available for purchase both at SAN and on Amazon. This essential resource promises to empower professionals and organisations alike, providing them with the necessary tools and insights to navigate the complex field of social impact assessment.


To secure your copy, reach out to SAN directly or visit Amazon to embark on a journey towards more effective and ethical social impact measurement.

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