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The Social Audit Network (SAN) researched, revised and then published Prove Improve Account: Guide to Social Accounting and Audit.  It is an 80-page book with an accompanying CD containing a great deal of supplementary information including worksheets, examples, how-to tools and so on. 

Responding to learning and technological developments we created our virtual 'learning platform' with extensive resources on Social Accounting and Audit and designed so that you can 'dip into' the relevant resources and information.

The Learning Platform contains our workshop materials and an Understanding Social Accounting and Audit 'module'.  This provides an overview and from this you can investigate the whole process as much as you like and in accordance with your needs.

We will continually update this learning platform... adding things and improving presentations...

The Learning Platform also contains almost everything that SAN has ever published... Articles, case studies, worksheets, model questionnaires, blogs, videos, and selected copies of social accounts... Everything that you could ever need – it’s all available for you to download and use for yourself.


To access our Learning Platform, you must either attend one of our Prove, Improve, Account or Social Auditor workshops


or join SAN as a Member using the email form below.

Computer Learning

Virtual Learning Platform

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