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The information and processes explained in this Guide reflect our experience of working with organisations since 1990. Social accounting and audit has a rich history and the processes developed have emerged from practical work with social economy organisations.


The Guide aims to demystify and improve the process of social accounting and audit for all types and sizes of social economy organisations and to make links with the range of tools and frameworks which have been developed in recent years.


The Guide will help you to...

  • fully understand what your organisation does, who it works with and for (Step One);

  • understand how to collect relevant and useful information about what you do and the impact your organisation is having (Step Two);

  • report effectively on your organisation's performance and impact (Step Three); and finally,

  • have your report independently verified (audited) for accuracy and relevance (Step Four).

This Guide is primarily for social enterprises and voluntary and community organisations, although it is also now used by public sector and private businesses. All have a central purpose to deliver social, community, local economic and/or environmental benefits.

How do I get my Guide?

The printed version of our Prove, Improve, Account Guide costs £25.00, and includes a CD with all the worksheets, templates and examples questionnaires that you might need for your social accounting. These have been built up by practitioners over the last 20 years, and can be adapted to suit any need. 

To buy your copy of the Guide and CD, please contact us using the form below; tell us how many copies you'd like to purchase and we’ll email you with ways to make payment. Guides will be dispatched on receipt of payment.

We have also provided the Guide itself as a pdf document which you can download on the left hand side of this page – but please note that this does not contain any of the templates and worksheets….

Finally – there’s another way to get a free paper copy of the printed Prove, Improve, Account Guide and CD – join SAN as a member…

Together at the Top

Prove, Improve, Account 

Guide to Social Accounting and Audit

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