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SAN Virtual Roadshow

An Introduction to Social Accounting and Audit

Wednesday 27th April 2022

11am - 12 noon

Online workshop

Join us for this FREE introduction to social accounting and audit and case studies from organisations using the SAN process.

Social Accounting and Audit lets you Prove - the value and impact of the work that you do; Improve performance; and be Accountable to your stakeholders - staff, service users, clients and beneficiaries, (and also your funders, investors and wider community).

Are you looking for a way to report your social impact? Or build an understanding of the impact of what you do into your business planning? Or just want your organisation to be more focused on values?

Join SAN directors for a journey through the process of social accounting and audit, and hear from people in organisations just like yours who use social accounting to capture their impact.

By the end of this session, we hope that you are better informed, have a basic understanding of the SAN social accounting process, and (hopefully) want to hear more.


For further information and to book your place, use this link


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