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The Social Audit Network (SAN) is a not-for-profit organisation based in the UK which facilitates the exchange of information and experience between practitioners of social accounting and audit in the social economy and voluntary sectors. SAN supports a community of learning by hosting events, publishing blogs, newsletters and guidance, delivering training as well as providing support through consultancy and mentoring.

SAN trains and assures UK Social Auditors and provides independent verification services for the W+ Standard for women’s empowerment.


SAN is led by its Members and Directors.

SAN in the UK is part of an international network of social accounting and audit, with partners in India, Australia and South Korea.

Welcome to the
Social Audit Network

How can SAN help you?

SAN can help you become a social accountant in your own organisation. Our Prove, Improve, Account Guide, help sheets, case studies and Workshop will give you all the tools that you need to start the process of social accounting. Our regular online events, Gatherings, resources and access to support from our Members and Partners, will help you build your knowledge and skills.

SAN has also developed an approval process for Social Auditors (persons qualified to chair the Social Audit Panels which verify social accounts) and both maintains a register of approved Social Auditors as well as applying a quality assurance system based on feed-back from organisations audited, continuous professional development and occasional peer review.



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SAN was established by members of a national network of community development, social economy and evaluation practitioners which had existed since the mid-1990s in the UK. As interest in social accounting increased, the value of having an organisation to provide support, opportunities for practice-sharing and learning and to regulate social audit arrangements was recognised. SAN UK Limited was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee in 2006.

Office: 54 St. James Street, Liverpool L1 0AB


Phone: 0151 706 8121

Company Number: 05801343


Social accounting is about routinely collecting, analysing and reporting on the social, environmental and economic value that your organisation creates.

Very impressed at the variety of input from highly skilled attendees

SAN Gathering attendee

I found the Workshop informative, relevant, and loved its interactive format

SAN Prove, Improve, Account Workshop attendee

Brilliant, it has really enthused me 

SAN Roadshow attendee

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