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Blogs, Videos & Newsletters

Follow the links below to relevant articles for those interested in social accounting


Some years ago, SAN set up a special WordPress site to publish blogs and opinion pieces on a range of topics relating to the social economy. SAN Members, Auditors, partners and friends have been submitting their articles ever since.

You can read our historic blogs – many of which were both insightful and before their time – at our WordPress site.

However, from 2021, we will be publishing our blogs and articles here at our website at our Latest News and Articles page.

We are always interested in publishing relevant blogs and thought pieces – so if you would like to submit an article to our editor, please contact us below.


Please see our You Tube Channel. This contains a range of short videos produced for our Gatherings, webinars and other events.


You can also view videos made by our friends at SAN India on their own You Tube channel.


The SAN newsletter is provided by a subscription-only service. It’s completely free, and if you haven’t already done so, please subscribe.


Our newsletters will tell you about our events and training workshops, Gatherings, relevant news from our partner organisations, and links to blogs and longer articles.

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