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Quantifying the Benefits of Women’s Empowerment: The Missing Metric for Game-Changing Climate Action

SAN is excited to be working in partnership with WOCAN on the W+ women’s empowerment standard.

Developed by Women Organizing for Change in Agriculture and Natural Resource Management (WOCAN) in 2014, the W+ Standard is the first globally recognized framework that measures and monetizes women’s empowerment. Endorsed by the UNFCCC, UNREDD and the World Bank Climate Funds Management Unit, among others, the Standard measures women’s empowerment across six domains — including health, food security, and income and assets.

Read this new article about Empower Co., which will provide a mechanism for scaling up global efforts to empower women. The firm sells credits to companies that are committed to supporting projects that bring about lasting positive change for women and girls. In return, the companies can be satisfied that their contribution has had the desired impact because the outcomes are verified and measured by the W+ Standard. Each W+ unit represents a 10 percent improvement in a woman’s life. And through Empower Co.’s profit-sharing model, at least 50 percent of proceeds from the sale of W+ units go directly to women engaged in the projects being supported.

For more information about our work on women’s empowerment, read our W+ webs pages

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