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The Social Audit Network (SAN) is a not-for-profit organisation which facilitates the exchange of information and experience between practitioners of social accounting and audit in the social economy and voluntary sectors. SAN holds regular meetings, events and an annual conference at venues around the UK, distributes a monthly SAN circular to its email network. The email network now consists of nearly 1400 contacts, mostly in the UK.

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SAN Conference 2015

posted March 12th, 2015


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Social Audit Network and the SROI Network

posted January 19th, 2015

Social Audit Network and the SROI Network (soon to be Social Value UK) 
strengthen links through reciprocal membership

Colleagues from the Social Audit Network (SAN) and the SROI Network (soon to be Social Value UK) recently met to discuss joint interests and potential areas for closer working. Now formally members of each other’s organisations, one area of discussion was the increasing need for independent assurance of social accounts and SROI reports. If social value reporting is to be credible in the medium and long term, there needs to be independent verification or audit for meaningful inclusion in tender evaluation.

Jeremy Nicholls, CEO of the SROI Network and SIAA, soon to be Social Value International, said 'we're delighted to be working more closely together with SAN. Our organisations have a number of shared values and aims, and we hope that this reciprocal membership will lead to a more united front to work towards more accounting for social and environmental impact and value.'

Lisa McMullan, Chair of the SAN Board, said 'With the increased interest which we have seen since the Social Value Act, we hope that by working more closely together, SAN and Social Value UK can help organisations in the social economy decide how best to measure their social impact’

Jeremy Nicholls will also be presenting a workshop on SROI at this year’s SAN Annual Gathering, which will be held in partnership with Salford University’s Business School, at their Media City Campus, on Friday 17th April 2015. For more information, see the article above.

SAN and SIAA, soon to be Social Value International, are also hoping to be able to put their global networks in touch with each other across the world.

SAN and the SROI Network had previously released a joint statement which described the similarities and differences in the two frameworks, available to download here.

Chair of the Social Audit Network

posted June 17th, 2013

Lisa McMullan of The Women's Organisation in Liverpool remains Chair of the Social Audit Network and Matthew Lanham, Chief Executive of the Neuro-Muscular Centre in Winsford, Cheshire, Vice-Chair following the AGM in April 2013. The rest of the Board remain the same with David Furze moving from a co-opted member to a Director.




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Guide to SAA available

posted November 5th, 2011


The Guide to Social Accounting & Audit can now be ordered via the SAN office or your SAN Regional Co-ordinator. The Guide takes account of the growing experience of social accounting and audit in recent years and includes reference to the range of frameworks and methods developed to help organisations explain and account for their performance and impact. It is a “roadmap” to the social accounting and audit process and has been written for social enterprises, social economy organisations and voluntary sector organisations that wish to regularly account and report on their social, economic and environmental performance and impact. The Guide consists of a paper version with a companion CD and costs £40 each (inclusive of P&P to a UK address) or £30 each if ten or more copies are ordered (plus P&P)

New Guide to Social Accounting and Audit

SAN Conference 2014

posted April 11th, 2014

‘It was inspirational and eye opening’

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‘A lot more energising than I had anticipated!’

‘Very well organised. Engaging speakers. Nice lunch. I enjoyed the drumming! Thanks’

‘Great programme! Good networking!’


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