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The Social Audit Network (SAN) is a not-for-profit organisation which facilitates the exchange of information and experience between practitioners of social accounting and audit in the social economy and voluntary sectors. SAN holds regular meetings, events and an annual conference at venues around the UK, distributes a monthly SAN circular to its email network. The email network now consists of nearly 1400 contacts, mostly in the UK.

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Latest News From SAN

SAN Regional Roadshow

posted January 12th, 2018

SAN is holding a Regional Roadshow events at York St John University on Wednesday 28th February 2018.

This half day Road Show is aimed at anyone who is interested in finding out more about social accounting and audit; as a way of measuring social value, improving your business practices, and being accountable to your investors, funders and commissioners. The SAN methodology is particularly aimed at organisations operating in the social economy - voluntary, community and social enterprise - SMEs wishing to develop their purposeful business or public sector organisations wanting to be more accountable for social value.

Our Road Show would also be useful for people who are working to advise and support others around social value and impact.

We would also like to welcome those whose role it is to procure or commission services from the social economy - come along and find out how your providers could be more accountable for their outcomes and impact and better report on the difference that you want them to make.

Attendance at this event, which starts with a networking lunch at 12.30pm, will cost £45.00 (£25.00 for Members of the Social Audit Network). The Roadshow starts at 1.30pm and will finish at 4.30pm.


To make a booking, please use our Eventbrite page:

Should you have any queries about the event, please contact the SAN Regional Co-ordinator - Julie Gowland


For any local information email Dr Mike Calvert, Academic Development Directorate

Read SAN's Latest Blog

posted January 19th, 2018


Read our latest blog by Alan kay, who reflects on growth and social impact...

I want to challenge that idea when it is applied to ‘social and community enterprises’.  I shall argue that social economy organisations are different from mainstream businesses as their core ‘business’ is achieving an essentially social or community goal.  Therefore, they should operate differently – making different decisions for different reasons – and ultimately judging their success or failure, not in terms of growth, but in terms of positive, qualitative social change....


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The Social Audit Network's Annual Gathering

posted November 14th, 2017


This year's SAN Conference took place on...

 Friday 20th October 2017 at 54 St James Street,

Liverpool, L1 0AB

Here is what a few people said about the day:

It was better than I expected

Very thought provoking

Excellent presentations – clear and concise

Very informative and good networking

To download the presentations and find out more about the event, please click here


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SAN is deeply saddened to announce that one of our Directors, Bernadette Speight, has passed away. Our friend and colleague remained wonderful, kind, insightful, wise, brave, energetic, and kind throughout her illness. She will be fondly remembered for bringing calm and sense to our discussions; passion and inspiration to our training and events; and a deep dedication to co-operation.


Guide to SAA available

posted February 16th, 2017


The Guide to Social Accounting & Audit can now be ordered via the SAN office or your SAN Regional Co-ordinator. The Guide takes account of the growing experience of social accounting and audit in recent years and includes reference to the range of frameworks and methods developed to help organisations explain and account for their performance and impact. It is a “roadmap” to the social accounting and audit process and has been written for social enterprises, social economy organisations and voluntary sector organisations that wish to regularly account and report on their social, economic and environmental performance and impact. The Guide consists of a paper version with a companion CD and costs £40 each (inclusive of P&P to a UK address) or £30 each if ten or more copies are ordered (plus P&P)

Discounts are also now available when the Guide is purchased at any SAN event. The special price for Guides bought at any SAN Road Show, training or Conference is just £25.00.

New Guide to Social Accounting and Audit

Guide to Social Enterprise Planning

posted January 4th, 2017


CBS Network through their trading arm (JUST the Business) developed and wrote a Guide to Social Enterprise Planning. As CBS Network has been wound up, the Social Audit Network is now selling the Guide for £15 and making a contribution to the Social Enterprise Collection (archive) at Glasgow Caledonian University. The Guide, which only exists in electronic copy, combines the essential elements of business planning with the need for systems to track and account for social change.

For further details on purchasing this guide please contact We will then send this to you, along with the 6 annexes, electronically by email.

Case Studies

posted November 3rd, 2016

SAN is publishing a new set of case studies of organisations which have embedded social accounting within their organisations. These case studies aim to illustrate how social accounting is used across organisations of differing sizes and from different areas of business. The first case study is from St Leger Homes… 

St-Leger.jpgSt Leger was set up by Doncaster Council in 2005, following a consensus decision made by council house tenants at that time. They are responsible for the management of council homes, along with a portfolio of shopping parades, garage sites and land. They also manage the Housing Register on behalf of Doncaster Council and undertake other work as agreed and required by the Council, for example they have recently taken over the management of Gypsy & Traveller sites and continue to expand their private sector landlord service.

St Leger Homes are a limited, not-for-profit distributing company employing 720 people and are a living wage employer.

St Leger Homes’ first set of Social Accounts covered the period from April 2014 to March 2015. They have a strong vision and value base with clearly defined strategic objectives, and associated KPIs. The SAA process works with their existing reporting systems, focusing on social impact and activities that add value to their core business of providing quality housing for tenants and their families.

Four new case studies are now available to download from our web pages: 

They have been prepared to highlight new trends in social accounting practice and to examine in detail the benefits of social accounting. They also contain tips and advice from organisations at different stages in their social accounting journey and from differing backgrounds.'

John Pearce - Founder of SAN

posted December 18th, 2016

John PearceJohn Pearce, who died from cancer aged just 69, was a major and influential force in community development and in particular was a pioneer in community enterprise - the precursor to social enterprise.

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Social Audit Network and the SROI Network

posted January 19th, 2016

Social Audit Network and the SROI Network now known as "Social Value UK" 
strengthen links through reciprocal membership

Colleagues from the Social Audit Network (SAN) and the SROI Network (now known as Social Value UK) recently met to discuss joint interests and potential areas for closer working. Now formally members of each other’s organisations, one area of discussion was the increasing need for independent assurance of social accounts and SROI reports. If social value reporting is to be credible in the medium and long term, there needs to be independent verification or audit for meaningful inclusion in tender evaluation.

Jeremy Nicholls, CEO of the SROI Network and SIAA, now known as "Social Value International", said 'we're delighted to be working more closely together with SAN. Our organisations have a number of shared values and aims, and we hope that this reciprocal membership will lead to a more united front to work towards more accounting for social and environmental impact and value.'

Lisa McMullan, Chair of the SAN Board, said 'With the increased interest which we have seen since the Social Value Act, we hope that by working more closely together, SAN and Social Value UK can help organisations in the social economy decide how best to measure their social impact’

Jeremy Nicholls will also be presenting a workshop on SROI at this year’s SAN Annual Gathering, which will be held in partnership with Salford University’s Business School, at their Media City Campus, on Friday 17th April 2015. For more information, see the article above.

SAN and SIAA, now known as Social Value International, are also hoping to be able to put their global networks in touch with each other across the world.

SAN and the SROI Network had previously released a joint statement which described the similarities and differences in the two frameworks, available to download here.

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