SAN in India

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1. SAA Cluster II Progress

The second round of workshops began with DesiCrew, a rural BPO and was held on 28th of July at their office in Chennai and was facilitated by Mrinalini Shastry.The entire team participated in this day long workshop and made progress in formulating the indicators. The second workshops for Ma Foi Foundation and Sevalaya were held on 19th of August. The Sevalaya team comprised 8 persons including the Founder and Managing trustee was well prepared and had already made an activity plan along with targets .They will soon start preparing the questionnaires and shall roll out the data collection in September. Ma Foi was represented by Mr Prasanna ( Program Manager ) The rest of the organizations would also undergo the second workshop on 26th of August and this would include Malar, Concern and MSDS in order to begin the data collection.
We hope to complete data collection and approach report writing inOctober/November 2010. Audit panels are most likely to be in January.

2. SAN India Website

SAN India website is soon to be launched by the first week of September .The website will include pertinent information about the Social Accounting and Auditing framework, the activities taking place in India , Social auditing ,Case studies of the organizations in the first cluster and current events and updates . The website will also have a repository of Social account reports undertaken so far by the organizations .A SAN India logo has been developed similar on the lines of the SAN logo with Indian tricolor .

3. Newsletter

The quarterly newsletter for SAN India "Prove and Improve " is ready to be launched and has articles , news items , interviews of both a Social Accountant as well as the Social Auditor .

4. Social Auditors

Persons who are at various stages of the Social Auditor certification process, and hope to be certified in the panels of this cluster are:

5. Consultation(Not project funded, but has developed as a result of the activities undertaken through the project)

Larsen & Toubro Limited is a technology, engineering, construction and manufacturing company. It is one of the largest and most respected companies in India's private sector and is using the Social accounting methodology to study the impact of its Social commitment to social responsibility, with a range of activities as vast as it is varied -
from environmental preservation, a field in which it has won laurels, to rural and social development. SAN India is supporting them to adapt the SAA framework to enhance their CSR strategy specifically in the area of tracking and enhancing social impact.