Who We Are

SAN Ltd is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, with a membership operating throughout the UK. There are two member categories within SAN Ltd from which the board are elected:

Ordinary Members. Organisations and individuals who support the objectives of SAN and who are active in promoting, facilitating and/or practising the SAN social accounting and audit process click here for a list of SAN Ordinary Members; and SAN Approved Social Auditors, based in the UK and listed in the Register of Social Auditors.

Our board members are from across the UK and many also act in the capacity of Regional Co-ordinator. Click here for your regional co-ordinator

SAN approved social auditors, resident and practising outside the UK are Associate Members, without voting rights.

In addition, SAN also has over 1400 people subscribed to receive the free monthly SAN circular and may use the email Network and the circular to share information and make contact with other practitioners.

The Social Audit Network has supported the development of SAN India which was established in 2008 as a project of the Centre for Social Initiative and Management (CSIM). SAN India is a 'sister' organisation to SAN UK and are our official partners in India.  http://www.san-india.org