Profile of Tracy Mitchell

tracey.jpgHaving been a member of Shared Interest’s social reporting team from its inception in 2005, I led the team (of 6 staff) during the preparation of three set of social accounts (2006, 2007 & 2008). The organisation has always followed the Social Audit Network methodology, carrying out extensive stakeholder consultation internationally and having the report independently audited each year by a panel chaired by a SAN approved auditor. The accounts have received commendations in the ACCA Awards for Sustainability Reporting and a Judges’ Special Award in the CIPFA /PricewaterhouseCoopers Public Reporting and Accountability Awards for successfully incorporating social accounting into the organisation’s overall reporting strategy. Based on my experiences at Shared Interest I produced a case study for the SAN web site, presented at a SAN Master Class event in Newcastle and took part in the Really Telling Accounts research. I have continued to be involved in the Shared Interest Social Accounts in a consultancy capacity for the last 4 years.

Through 2011/12, I assisted the Scottish Fair Trade Forum in the preparation of the report “Can Scotland call itself a Fair trade Nation?” which used and adapted Social Accounting techniques. I was part of the SFTF team at the Panel meeting in November 2012 and hope that SFTF will be able to use this experience to embed Social Accounting into its ongoing review and planning processes.

Having undertaken SAN Social Auditor training in July 2008, I have been involved in Social Accounts panels for Loch Fyne Oysters and more recently for C-Change Scotland both as part of my Social Auditor qualification. I have recently completed the process of becoming a SAN approved social auditor.