Profile of Usha Ravi

Profile of Usha Ravi

Contact details

Location: Bangalore, India

Tel: +91 9880276483

Summary of Experience in Social Accounting and Audit

Usha has been involved in social accounting and audit since 2012, when she joined the Centre for Social Initiative and Management (CSIM), Bangalore as Joint Director. She has facilitated the writing of social accounts of Industree Crafts Foundation (a non-profit organization engaged in skill-building and empowerment of rural artisans in India), Industree Crafts Private Ltd (a for-profit social enterprise focused on improving artisanal livelihoods) and Rang De (a non-profit organization working to alleviate poverty by providing affordable credit to underserved communities).  She chaired the social audit panel of Jude Felix Hockey Academy, a non-profit organization that teaches hockey and life skills to under-privileged children. She is currently involved in facilitating the Social Accounting process for organizations empowering persons with disability and is writing the social accounts for an NGO providing shelter and education to vulnerable, destitute children. 

Social Auditing Skills

Social Accounting and Audit: Delivering all aspects of the social accounting cycle as a social accounting practitioner and independent auditor. This includes helping organizations develop a customized framework for calculation of Social Return on Investment (SROI).

Consultancy and Facilitation: Mentoring and advice to organizations carrying out social accounting and social audit

Impact Assessments: Assessment of the impact of social programs

General Background

Usha has a management degree from the Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi, with specialization in Finance. She has over two decades of professional experience as a business analyst, writer and editor. She is an alumnus of CSIM’s Social Entrepreneurship Outlook Program (SEOP). As Joint Director of CSIM Bangalore, she was involved in executing the capacity building, awareness building and research centre programs.

She strongly believes in spreading social awareness and in using her skills for change. She has undertaken diverse projects for leading non-profits working with persons with disability, on a voluntary basis, for over a decade.