Profile of Pushpanath Krishnamurthy


Director, Outreach at Centre For Social Markets

University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, Cambridge, United Kingdom

I joined CSM as Director after three decades spent doing leading edge development work across three continents. I have spent much of my professional career at Oxfam, where I have acquired a reputation for my pioneering work on campaigns such as Make Trade Fair, the Climate Change Hearings, HIV/ AIDS etc. An accomplished communicator and storyteller, I take complex issues and popularize them for grassroots constituencies using a blend of traditional advocacy and new approaches. I bring grassroots experience from regions as diverse as East Asia, Southern Africa, the Balkans, the Caucasus, and India. I am skilled in building multi-racial, cross-cultural teams and motivating highly diverse communities. With a background in development studies and agricultural science, I also bring expertise in anti-poverty programmes, refugee rehabilitation, sustainable livelihoods, agricultural finance; disaster preparedness; participatory development; environmental assessment and gender.

At CSM, I lead the work on social enterprise, conducting urban research in this new field with a view to understanding its impacts on poverty and social transformation. I have also been behind CSM’s work on sustainable coffee, developing partnerships with growers’ groups such as the Karnataka Growers Federation. In December 2009, I embarked on a Walk for Climate Justice from Oxford, UK, to Copenhagen, Denmark, to raise attention to the issues of climate change and poverty at the UN conference on climate change in Copenhagen. In 2011, I repeated this effort in a Walk for Climate Justice in the southern Indian state of Karnataka to raise attention to the plight of small producers such as coffee growers in an era of climate change. The Walk has been supported by our partners, the Karnataka Growers Federation (KGF). I led the landmark ecology and economy study on coffee that was launched at the COP-11 Bio Diversity Global conference