Profile of Mike Gordon

Summary of Experience in Social Accounting and Audit (SAA)

Member of two Panels (London and Liverpool – both late 2002) and chaired a third (Sunderland, late 2004) before being approved as a SAN Social Auditor. Redrafted and expanded the social accounts, and wrote summary document, for a development trust in Sheffield in 2006, following their social audit panel. Chaired one Panel and mentored the Trainee Chair of another in late 2007 (Humber and Wolds). Chaired a Panel in Birmingham, late 2008. Have attended Social Audit and Social Audit Panel Chair training workshops, and the master-class for facilitating the SAA process with social economy organisations, as well as SROI training, both with the New Economics Foundation, and – most recently – with the SROI Network. From April to end September 2009, lead trainer for a cluster of third sector organisations on the Essex Social Accounting Pilot Programme, organised by 3rd Sector Futures, Anglia Ruskin University, and funded by Essex County Council. Have also delivered SAA elements of management courses for third sector organisations for 3rd Sector Futures.

Related Experience

My interest in social accounting and audit largely arose from the combination of (i) my experience of economic development and regeneration consultancy assignments variously involving evaluation, feasibility, development potential, the voluntary and community sector, Best Value, needs assessment, and some economic and environmental impact assessment work, and (ii) my research and consultancy work on the social economy and social enterprise. The skills and processes needed for social audit are arguably very similar to many of those used in such other work, and social audit complements, and is complemented by, these other activities. Have also been trained in, and have taught, Environmental Impact Assessment, and tutor Open University Business School residential schools for the 'Creativity, Innovation and Change' course (part of the OUBS MBA).

Other Background

Prior to establishing my consultancy practice in 1990, I worked from 1974 to 1989 in five different local authorities – Birmingham, Newcastle, Hackney, Allerdale [West Cumbria], and Basildon – in the latter as a Chief Officer. Multidisciplinary educational background: degree in law, diplomas in town planning and accounting and finance, Masters in local economic development. Currently writing up thesis for PhD research on social enterprise in South Yorkshire.

Examples of Social Economy and Third Sector Projects

Evaluation of ESF Objective 3 Priority 4 capacity building programme (Hertfordshire, 2000); mid-term evaluation of Borehamwood SRB4 programme (2001-2); evaluation of five ILM projects & CEDO project in Harrow/Brent SRB5 programme (2002-3); evaluation of the contribution of the community co-operatives of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland to the development of the social economy (MA dissertation, 2001); community business feasibility (Ferrier Estate, Greenwich, 1992); feasibility study for young people's information and counselling service (Stevenage, 2002); needs assessment for low dependency day care for the elderly in Borehamwood (2002); community aspects of planning strategy and social exclusion mapping exercise and action plan for Feltham SRB3 area (2000-1); advice on regeneration issues for proposed development in NW England (2002); cross-sector service scoping study of service provision, needs and priorities, impacts and potential improvements, in the Neighbourhood Management Partnership area, in Clacton (2007).