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As part of the Social Enterprise Academy, Lorna is heavily involved in learning and development for organisations trying to combine business with a social purpose. Principally concerned with developing leadership, enterprise and social impact skills across the Third Sector, the Academy accredits the Institute of Leadership & Management Endorsed Award in Social Accounting and Audit.

Lorna completed the SAN Masterclass in 2006 and has been involved in the delivery of flexible tutorial support for ILM learners, conducts the portfolio assessments, sits on the SAN Board of Directors and has taken part in conferences and workshops across the UK. She chaired her first panel for SES in the North East of England in 2008. Many people have helped her on her social accounting and audit journey – including (but not restricted to!) Alan Kay, John Pearce, Patrick Boase, Mark Saddington and Kevin Marquis.

Lorna has a creative approach to helping individuals and organisations find their own solutions to the challenges they face, using social accounting and audit alone or in conjunction with business planning, leadership programmes and organisational development.

In her day job , Lorna is one of the 'old hands' of the Social Enterprise Academy – she has been Development Manager since August 2006 and trained as an Associate Tutor before that. Working in social enterprise since before she knew what to call it, Lorna has developed leadership potential across the public, private and voluntary sectors in Scotland among paid staff, volunteers, and people using public services.

Millennium festivals, events, childcare provision, training, respite and befriending services, public health research – she's done them all! Her initial career of choice was to be a marine biologist but as soon she realised she was more likely to be stuck in a set of chest waders in a Welsh rock pool rather than a bikini in the Maldives, she swiftly changed her interests to be more focussed on people...

As well as knowing a lot about social enterprise, she has a huge store of interesting facts which come in handy for pub quizzes and to amaze her friends. She's a fully paid up member of the Tartan Army and is waiting for the day she gets to see Scotland qualify for a major tournament (the 2006 Kirin Cup doesn't count(!)).