Profile of Chris Peltier

Summary of Experience in Social Accounting and Audit

I first became involved and interested in social accounting and audit in 2003: At the time I was working for Huddersfield Pride limited, as a Senior Regeneration Programme Manager involved in both physical and community based regeneration projects.   West Yorkshire Social Enterprise link (WYSE link) as subsidiary of Business Link approach Huddersfield Pride Ltd regarding the SAN Social Accounting & Audit Framework process, in the hope that we would help develop and champion the practice across the West Yorkshire region.  Having a sound business background, both academic and as a private business owner,  I was excited by what I believed was a sound approach to organisational development and value measurement; as such I attended one of the SAN social accounting workshops, before going onto cmplete the master class the following year.  In 2004, Huddersfield Pride formed a team at to deliver a 2 year Social Accounting and Audit contract for WYSE Link to meet the growing interest across the region.  I was part of the core team of SA practicioners charged with developing a series of social accounting modules, which were to be delivered across West Yorkshire to a wide range of third sector organisations:  The main aim was to encourage the third sector to adopt the SAN framework to enable them to prove their added value and improve their strategic and operational performance.   During this period I was completing my MBA and decided to undertake what was one of the first ever studies into determining the efficacy of Social Accounting and Audit as a framework for improving organisational performance.  My research threw up some interesting findings and was later followed up by SAN’s own research project which produced its finding in 2008 in a document entitled 'Really Telling Accounts'.

Social Auditing Skills

Social Accounting and Audit: I have been instrumental in developing and delivering a number of key modules on key aspects of the social accounting cycle as a social accounting practitioner and independent auditor.  I have also chaired a number of Social Audit panels for several large and very diverse third sector organisations across West Yorkshire.

Training and Consultancy: I have provided training, mentoring and advice for almost 10 years to a wide range of Third Sector organisations across West Yorkshire interested in fnding out more about the SAN framework and carrying out social accounting.

General Background

I have over thirty years experience in community and economic development in the UK gained in the private, public and third sector, which include amongst other things: