Profile of Anne Houston

In brief........

Anne has worked at a senior management level within the public sector in Western Scotland over the last twenty five years and has experience in Regeneration, Local Government administration, further and higher education.
Since starting to work for herself in 2007, Anne began working with a number of social enterprises, many of whom were known to her from previous roles.

Much of Anne's work is around people development having trained in coaching, Myers Briggs and NLP. However, in her previous role as a funder of social enterprises and regeneration work it became clear that there was no effective method of demonstrating and assessing the added value that social enterprises bring to a community and society in general. Therefore, Anne embarked on her Social Auditor qualification journey which began with an invitation to sit on the Wise Group Social Audit panel (2008) and recently concluded as Chair of the Wise Group Social Audit Panel (2010). In the intervening years, Anne was expertly mentored by John Pearce both during Social Audit Masterclass training and also through the observation process at Milltown Day Workshops Social Audit panel.

Social Enterprise organisations that Anne has previously worked with include; Scottish Social Enterprise Coalition, Wise Group, Glasgow Housing Association, YMCA Glasgow, Glasgow East Regeneration Agency, Glasgow South West Regeneration Agency and East Dumbartonshire Development Company.
In addition to the above, Anne works on Board Development issues, facilitation of strategy planning and building governance capacity with organisations.

Anne is based in Glasgow and the West of Scotland.