Profile of Alan Kay

Alan has more that 30 years of experience in community development and social enterprise support in theUKand overseas.   His background is in overseas development and he has lived and worked in East Africa andSouth East Asiaattached to a variety of different organisations including HelpAge International, ActionAid and VSO.  Since returning toScotlandin 1988 he has mainly worked with community-owned enterprises and social enterprises.  He believes in empowering people so that they can get involved in economic activity to create sustainable communities. Over the years he has developed links with a wide range of social economy organisations and carried out research, planning, training/facilitation and evaluations.


Alan worked for CBS Network and then for a community enterprise support unit before carrying out commissions for a wide range of clients in the statutory, charitable, public and third sector in the UK and abroad.   He helped to found the Social Audit Network and continues as a Board member and a SAN-approved Social Auditor.  He continues to help organisations with social accounting and audit and wrote Prove, Improve Account: New Guide to Social Accounting and Audit.  He is an Associate Lecturer atGlasgowCaledonianUniversityand assisted them to establish a Diploma and MSc in Social Enterprise.   He is also a Director of CBS Network, a Member of the Institute for Economic Development and a Visiting Fellow of the Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health.  Alan’s formal qualifications include a BSc (UniversityofAberdeen) and a MA in Rural Development (UniversityofEast Anglia).