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Social Audit Network October 2012

Welcome to this month's SAN newsletter, containing news and articles about the practice of social accounting and audit, and measuring social value, from across the UK and around the world.

The Social Audit Network promotes and supports social accounting and audit as the preferred means for organisations operating in the community, social economy and public sectors to report on their social, environmental and economic performance.

This month's newsletter contains articles about social accounting activity in Scotland, some of the social audit panels happening across the UK and information about proposed training. The SAN website now also contains a huge number of copies of social accounts from the last 10 years. Go to for more information.


Social value in Scotland

alan_k.jpgSAN activities included a half a day introduction to social accounting and audit in Dundee on 30th August and there will be 4 Measuring Social Impact days run by the Social Enterprise Academy:

  • Edinburgh 13/09/12 (already happened);
  • Aberdeen 08/11/12;
  • Glasgow 28/02/13; and
  • Inverness 11/04/13.  

The Measuring Social Impact day includes an introduction to SAA and SROI. For more information go to

Alan Kay, on behalf of the CBS Network, is in the process of publishing a Guide to Social Enterprise Planning that can be linked to social accounting and audit. The Guide will be dedicated to the late John Pearce and further details will be available in the next edition of this newsletter.

In England, the Social Value Act is due to be implemented in 2013, but north of the border social value has not been the subject of public sector procurement. However, the Scottish government has proposed that social value be included as a decision factor when awarding contracts, rather than simply basing it on price and ‘quality’.

Major public contracts in Scotland will in future carry clauses requiring bidders to demonstrate the social value they will create, according to a pledge by the Scottish cabinet secretary for infrastructure, Alex Neil. Further information can be found about the Sustainable Procurement Bill.

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Social audit panels

Happening in the near future include:

  • 20/09/12 Five Lamps Organisation, Thornaby, Stockton 2011 - 2012. This is their 2nd set of social accounts. Chaired by Alan Kay
  • 30/10/12 Highland Homecarers, Inverness 2011 - 2012. This is their 3rd set of social accounts that has gone to audit - although they keep data and report on it annually. Chair Alan Kay
  • 02/11/12 SES, Sunderland. This is their 5th set of social accounts which they do annually - although they have been keeping social accounts for longer than that with a consortium organisation. Chair Alan Kay
  • Scottish Fair Trade Forum – to be chaired by Patrick Boase;
  • Shared Interest, Newcastle upon Tyne – to be chaired by Patrick Boase.
  • 24/10/12 Frame, South Wales – chaired by Phil Marks

If you are proud of your audit achievement, please e-mail ( and let us know.

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Calling all trainee auditors

SAN is looking for expressions of interest from people who have completed the 2 day PIA training and 1 day social auditor training courses and are waiting either to observe a panel meeting or Chair the meeting as a trainee. We have a number of social audit panel meetings in the near future which might be suitable for you to come along and observe or shadow an experienced audit panel chair, or Chair the Panel with support from an experienced mentor.

Please contact the SAN office or Mary McGarry

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SAN training plan

The new SAN training schedule will shortly be available at We already have dates in Wolverhampton (November 2012) and London (February 2013), and hope to announce further Prove Improve and Account, and Social Auditor training in the near future in Manchester, Scotland and Birmingham.

For those trained as Auditors, there will be a continuing professional development event early in the New Year and an interactive workshop session planned for just before the Conference in April 2013.

For those starting on social accounting, probably the best person to contact is your local regional co-ordinator, who should be able to direct you to shorter, briefing or discussion sessions about social accounting going on in your area.

For other queries, please contact the SAN office, or go to the SAN website.

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Guide to Social Enterprise Planning - Raising funds for the development of the Social Enterprise Collection (Scotland)

JUST the Business has written a Guide to Social Enterprise Planning which we are selling for £15 to raise funds for the development of the Social Enterprise Collection (Scotland).

The Guide is sold in electronic version only. This Guide fuses the essentials of business planning with the need for social enterprises to keep their social and community benefit central to their activities.

I would be very grateful if you could advertise this throughout your networks, include in your newsletter and bulletins, and if possible promote through your social media. A one page PDF flyer is attached.

If you would like to order a copy direct contact us here.

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New SAN South Africa

SAN Director Alan Kay is off to Durban this autumn to both escape the gloomy Edinburgh weather AND help set up the new SAN South Africa, which will join SAN India as arms of SAN outside the UK. Social accounting is also popular in Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Finland, Nepal…..

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Contacts and Coordinators

North East England

Julie Gowland

South East

Barbara Beaton

South Central England

Dave Furze

North West England

Liz Brooks Allen and Anne Lythgoe

West Midlands and East Midlands

Iftikar Karim (until June 2016) and Sean Smith

Yorkshire and Humber

Bernie Speight

South West England

Helen Vines

Northern Ireland

Peter MacCafferty