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Social Audit Network May 2015

Firstly, a huge 'Thank You' to everyone who helped to make the 2015 SAN Gathering 'Social Accounting and Audit, Making it Work for Me and My Organisation' such a success.

Presentations and images will be available here.

Described as:

  • Best SAN Conference I have attended
  • A wonderful day. Thank you for organising it.
  • Had a good, useful and instructive day – thank you!! Facilities were great too.
  • Networking opportunity / connecting with other people

And we know that participants enjoyed the inspirational keynote speech from Hazel Blears and the chance to join in an enormous range of practical sessions and workshops. Hearing from City West Housing Trust, Social Value UK, the Social Impact Tracker, as well as experiences at Huddersfield University, and other social economy organisations from across the country all gave people there a huge choice of things to find out about.

We'll read all the feedback forms and see if we can plan a bigger and better Gathering next year! At least one participant said that SAN needs to host more Gatherings – a great idea – tell us where you would like us to come next...


Liverpool publishes its Social Value Charter

The Liverpool Social Value Charter is a set of guiding principles to make doing business in Liverpool more ethical, greener and community-focused. Organisations from all sectors are invited to adopt the principles, which have been determined by a partnership of organisations from the public and private sector. The Charter has the full backing of Liverpool City Council and the Mayor of Liverpool.

The Charter is based on the fundamental understanding that integrating social value into decision making not only creates benefits for others but also provides tangible business advantages. All Charter signatories will make a positive commitment to improving the economic, social and environmental well-being of Liverpool through their activities. These contributions will include outcomes such as creating apprenticeships, local jobs and supply chain opportunities through the intelligent commissioning and procurement of goods and services. They will also include the delivery of training, professional development and other opportunities for local people. In addition, signatories recognise the diversity of people within their businesses and communities and accordingly place inclusivity at the forefront of decisions.

The principles are:
1. Local Liverpool Employment
2. Buy Local, Buy Social
3. Supporting Liverpool Communities
4. Welfare and Wellbeing in Employment
5. Green Sustainable Liverpool
6. Ethical Liverpool Procurement

For more information go to

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Making social value part of what we do...

Jeremy Nicholls writes in Pioneer’s Post:

If we are going to create social value at the rate we need, we need more organisations to start thinking about social impact measurement frameworks. Then we can make the case for legislative changes to make boards, in organisations with a social purpose, responsible for optimising social value. 

To read about Liverpool-based social enterprise the FRC Group's recent work on measuring its social value through a structured framework, click here.

Both Jeremy and also Verity Timmons from the Furniture Resource Centre spoke recently at the SAN Gathering in Salford.

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Social Accounting as part of Scottish community empowerment…

Whilst the Scottish Government determines how it can empower its communities to take a lead in their own lives, there are examples of how social accounting has helped hard pressed communities adopt a co-operative approach to facing their ills…

Lesley Riddoch’s book ‘Blossom’ is a collection of stories about people who have strived to empower themselves and their communities. It is inspiring, and makes a clear, coherent case for community ownership and more devolution at a local level. However, it is as an explanation of the persisting disempowerment and inequality in Scottish society that it is of most value.

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Train to be a social accountant

Current dates for training can be found at the SAN website and include:

17th - 18th June 2015

PIA 2 day course


8th - 9th July 2015

PIA 2 day course


16th - 17th September 2015

PIA 2 day course


10th - 11th November 2015

PIA 2 day course


A further Prove, Improve, Account training course is to be arranged in Salford in early summer. Further details will be available soon.
The PIA Workshop aims to introduce participants to the process of social accounting and audit and to explore the resources in the SAN Guide and CD from both doer and facilitator point of view. Learning outcomes include to be able to compile a set of social accounts of one’s own organisation and present these for audit; and to be able to assist others in the process.

Train to be a social auditor:

Salford University will be hosting the Social Audit Network for a one-day Social Auditor Workshop (SAW) Workshop on 28th May 2015. There are still a few places left, and to book your place, contact the SAN Office

Social Auditor Workshops are aimed specifically at those people wishing to become SAN approved Social Auditors. Participants should have sound prior knowledge and/or experience of the social accounting and audit process either by having used it for their own or another organisation or by having attended one of SAN's two-day PIA or similar SAN recognised training. The cost of the Social Auditor Workshop is £150.

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Contacts and Coordinators

North East England

Julie Gowland

South East

Barbara Beaton

South Central England

Dave Furze

North West England

Liz Brooks Allen and Anne Lythgoe

West Midlands and East Midlands

Iftikar Karim (until June 2016) and Sean Smith

Yorkshire and Humber

Bernie Speight

South West England

Helen Vines

Northern Ireland

Peter MacCafferty