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Social Audit Network February 2017

Last chance for our West Midlands Roadshow

The Social Audit Network West Midlands (SANWM)  is running a Roadshow event for West Midlands voluntary and community groups and social and community enterprises to get to grips with reporting on social value and social impact.

We think this would be of great benefit to groups in the West Midlands – simple, practical & useful advice focusing on their organisational efficiency and effectiveness and understanding how they can report on their social value and impact.

The event is on 15th February at Coventry University (Room JS331 James Starley Building)

For more information and booking see our Eventbrite page


SAN training


LEAN Prove, Improve, Account Workshop: Intro to Social Accounting & Audit – hosted by Edinburgh Friends Meeting House

Tue 28 February 2017 10:00 – 16:30

The Social Audit Network (SAN) is delighted to announce this new learning event.

This one day workshop will introduce you to the essentials of:

•          Social Accounting and Audit as a way of assessing and reporting on social impact

•          Embedding sound monitoring systems

•          'Proving' the difference that your organisation makes

Presented at pace but in a discursive style, the workshop will show you how to build social accounting from what you already do, and understand the main steps involved in social accounting and audit.

Using examples from other organisations, it will help you to see how others have started social accounting and support you to introduce it into your work.

Each participant will be provided with some of the essential materials needed to start social accounting using the SAN methodology. This includes the current Guide to Social Accounting and Audit with CD/memory stick which is worth £40.

Facilitator: Alan Kay (SAN Director)


Booking at



Back to back GMCVO Masterclass training – Social Accounting (morning) and Promoting your social value (afternoon). Hosted by GMCVO, St Thomas Centre, Manchester.

GMCVO is still booking for 2 Masterclass training courses:

Introduction to Social Accounting and Audit Masterclass - 22nd February 2017 (morning)

This half day masterclass will introduce you to the essentials of:

•          Social Accounting and Audit as a way of measuring and assessing social impact

•          Embedding sound monitoring systems

•          'Proving' the difference that your organisation makes

This masterclass will show you how to build social accounting from what you already do, and understand the main steps involved in social accounting and audit.

Using examples from other organisations, it will help you to see how others have started social accounting and support you to introduce it into your work.

Each participant will be provided with some of the essential materials needed to start social accounting using the SAN methodology.


Promoting Your Social Value, Social Impact and Social Accounting Masterclass - 22nd February 2017 (afternoon)

This training course is designed to demonstrate the added benefits that promoting your social value, for example through impact reports or social accounting, can bring.

Make sure that you don’t just do the hard graft and that you also enjoy the added profile, publicity and increasing partnership and funding opportunities, as well as contributing to the growth, status and profile of social value itself!


Participants will be asked to complete a form the week before the course detailing:

•          Yourself and your organisation

•          Where you are up to in the social value/impact and social accounting process

•          What experience you’ve had with promoting stories to date

•          Particular concerns with regard to this – risks, stories backfiring,

•          Bring along stories used and seen – which will be referred to in the session.

Learning outcomes:

•          Understand the added value that promoting social accounting can bring

•          Know how to identify appropriate stories and media, knowing how to time a story and how to prepare those involved

•          To be prepared for following up media stories, for making the best use of coverage and exposure, as well as understanding potential risks and pitfalls

•          Making the best use of partners, working with others for wider promotion.

•          To have learnt and shared from and with others in the sector, and to have an understanding of the wider peer group responsibilities and benefits of promoting social accounting as a whole.


Both of the above Manchester courses are at the St Thomas Centre, Ardwick Green North, Manchester. M12 6FZ



The Social Enterprise Academy is running Measuring Social Impact days in Scotland.  The dates for these introductory events in social impact measurement have been confirmed as:

  • 21st February 2017 in Bathgate;
  • 14th March 2017 in Aberdeen; and
  • 11th April 2017 in Edinburgh.

Click here for further information.

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Other SAN events

SAN is coming to Stockport…

Social Audit Network Road Show event - 17th March 2017

Hosted by Give2Gain Community, 48 Middle Hillgate, Stockport, SK1 3DL

This half day Road Show is aimed at anyone who is interested in finding out more about social accounting and audit; as a way of measuring social value, improving your business practices, and being accountable to your investors, funders and commissioners. The SAN methodology is particularly aimed at organisations operating in the social economy – voluntary, community and social enterprise – SMEs wishing to develop their purposeful business or public sector organisations wanting to be more accountable for social value. Our Road Show would also be useful for people who are working to advise and support others around social value and impact.


Event fee: £45 (SAN members £25)

 To make a booking, please use our Eventbrite page:


There will be opportunities to meet and network with other folk who are interested in social accounting and audit, and measuring social value. Please do bring any case studies, promotional materials, social accounts, business cards, questions and challenges with you to share!


Should you have any queries, please email

Want to join SAN?  Just in case you’re not already . .


We are keeping in touch with those people who attended our Manchester Roadshow in November:

  • 2 people have gone on to attend the Prove, Improve, Account 2-day Workshop in Liverpool to learn more about social accounting and audit
  • 1 participant has commissioned SAN to develop social value training for commissioning and procurement staff across 3 local authority areas
  • 1 participant asked SAN to deliver a workshop at a voluntary and community sector event, which shared social accounting and audit and social value approaches with a much wider community sector audience
  • 2 have attended intensive half day training masterclass in social accounting and audit, following which 1 person has gone on to support others in their social accounting journey
  • At least 5 other participants are starting social accounting in their own organisations


All participants found the Roadshow useful and very helpful for their work in the future, and all found the use of case studies and a variety of speakers really inspiring. The opportunity for discussion was welcomed.

So – book now and come to Stockport!

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SAN News

For those with subscriptions to the Journal of Social and Ethical Accountability, SAN Directors Alan Kay and Lisa McMullan have written an article entitled ‘Contemporary Challenges Facing Social Enterprises and Community Organisations Seeking to Understand Their Social Value’, now available at

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SAN Blog

Alan Kay’s latest blog – ‘The use of language and why it matters’ can be read at:


War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. The very concept of objective truth is fading out of the world. Lies will pass into history’. (George Orwell, 1984)

This idea of words and language being used to manipulate thinking is at the heart of Orwell’s work.  He recognised that language and words are crucially important….’


Also featuring the cuttlefish of social impact, to carry on reading this blog and find out the answers to these questions, click at SAN’s wordpress site: 

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Other news

Get funding for your social accounting work - Impact Management Programme

Two funding strands are now available at Growth and Pathway -


Growth organisations:

·         Are committed to understanding and improving their social impact.

·         Wish to grow and scale their impact.

·         Collect outcome data which indicates a positive impact and have a theory of change.

·         Are actively seeking investment and contract opportunities - and improving impact management would help secure these.

·         Have impact focused trustees and staff.


Pathway Organisations:

  • are committed to understanding and improving your social impact
  • are new to impact management, but want to improve your approach
  • wish to grow and diversify your income
  • are interested in social investment, but have not taken it on before
  • are willing to share your views to help shape the programme
  • are not a startup organisation
  • are established and working in England


This is your chance to get support for your Social Accounting and Audit – and you can also attend a series of free workshops as part of the Impact Management Programme which will explore how you might already be managing your impact and run some exercises to help you improve. 

21 February, Plymouth

22 February, York

7 March, Ipswich

For more information visit the website or follow on Twitter @Access_Impact for the latest news.


Salford University Centre for Social Business

The Centre for Social Business, University of Salford, in collaboration with Bradford University Faculty of Management and Law and The Academy of Marketing Ethics & Marketing SIG is hosting a one day event ‘Nurturing Socially Responsible Entrepreneurs’. Sponsored by Santander, the conference aims to bring together academics, practitioners and public policymakers to help encourage and develop responsible entrepreneurship and the creation of social value.

In addition to keynote speakers from Big Issue Invest, Social Enterprise UK, Salford City Council and leading enterprise organisations from health and wellbeing, enterprise education and digital sectors, the conference features an open Q&A panel and workshops around digital marketing and social impact and will provide a unique opportunity to share and discuss the business case for developing a strong social enterprise agenda across the UK.


Greater Manchester Social Value Network

Making the Most Difference - An Introduction to Social Value

14 February, 2017 - 10:00 to 13:00

Venue: Macc, 3rd Floor Swan Buildings, 20 Swan Street, Manchester, M4 5JW

This half-day workshop is designed to help you develop a practical understanding of what social value means for your organisation and to be able to venture forth or continue on your journey in delivering social value.

The workshop is open to anyone from a voluntary, private or public sector organisation who wants to improve the social impact of their organisation.

Book Here

The workshop will help you to

•          Gain a greater understanding of what social impact is and how to measure it

•          Explore, discuss and apply the most frequently used terms and ideas around social value

•          Explore some of the outcomes which can be achieved through social value

•          Design your own roadmap to where to start on or continue your journey in creating more social value in your work and organisation

Cost: £10.00 Macc members, £30.00 Any other third sector non-member and statutory/public/private sector.


Social Value UK

Keynotes Announced for "Social Value Matters 2017" : At this year’s international conference, we want to focus on what needs to happen to amplify stakeholder voices to inspire change and maximise social value to the point that equality does improve. There will be a focus on how we can use social impact data to drive innovation and ensure stakeholder involvement in service design. We will be sharing experiences of what’s worked in changing culture, systems, techniques and legislation, running smaller group discussions and round tables so that we can all contribute. Further information on speakers and about the conference here.

10th & 11th April 2017, Istanbul

This year’s conference is being held against a backdrop of increasing inequality and global uncertainty. Social Value International ‘s vision is a world where decision making, ways of working and resource allocation are based on the principles of accounting for value leading to increased equality and well­being and reduced environmental degradation.


Social Value UK has announced a new one-day training course which moves away from just measuring social value to maximising it and using impact data to make delivery changes.

Bookings can be made to Clare on and the website pages are here.

The first scheduled course is in Central London on 28th February 2017.

Centre for Local Economic Strategies

The Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES) has undertaken an array of work around community wealth building in recent years. A key component of this has been work undertaken in Preston around anchor institutions. We have been working collaboratively in Preston for the last three and a half years and have written the key activities, achievements, next steps, and lessons learnt into a publication. The publication called ‘community wealth building through anchor institutions’ is available at: We hope you find it of interest and we are continuing to undertake action focused work in Preston and Birmingham to harness the potential of anchor institutions.


Power to Change – Twine

Power to Change is currently testing their Twine impact management system. This is a digital platform which enables organisations to collect and manage data about key aspects of their organisation’s operation and impact.

More information can be found at

They are looking for organisations to work with and test the system. You would receive free support for a year and input to their research and testing of the product. This platform would be a useful tool for keeping data used in social accounting, and Power to Change is interested in working with a number of organisations to help them to keep data digitally and use it in social accounting and audit, as well as performance management generally. The system is easily auditable.

You can either register your interest in getting involved online, or SAN can put you in touch with Power to Change directly.

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Contacts and Coordinators

North East England

Julie Gowland

South East

Barbara Beaton

South Central England

Dave Furze

North West England

Liz Brooks Allen and Anne Lythgoe

West Midlands and East Midlands

Iftikar Karim (until June 2016) and Sean Smith

Yorkshire and Humber

Bernie Speight

South West England

Helen Vines

Northern Ireland

Peter MacCafferty