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Social Audit Network August 2012

SAN would like to thank colleagues at All Saint’s Action Network (ASAN) in Wolverhampton for running the SAN Office for the last 2 years. On 6th August, the Office will move to the Women’s Organisation in Liverpool, where an international ‘virtual’ office has been set up at their fantastic new centre at 54 St James’ Street (venue for the SAN Gathering in April of this year).

Helen Millne and her colleagues at the Women’s Organisation will be acting as SAN’s first point for enquiries (, helping organise our events and gatherings, selling copies of our publications and supporting the SAN Board of Directors.

The new office address will be:


The Women’s Organisation are knowledgeable social accounting practitioners, currently preparing their 7th set of accounts for audit. Helen Millne is also on our register of Social Auditors  ( and Lisa McMullan the SAN Chair. 

Our newsletter this month contains international news from Croatia, where Suncana Glavina Petrievic and Sandra Magdalenic are working to support social economy organisations to introduce social accounting and audit.

In the UK, interest in measuring social value grows apace, with new initiatives an events, some of which are mentioned below. New tools and ideas are flooding the market, but their use always relies on a sound understanding of organisational values, aims and objectives. This is where social accounting fits in… section  2 of Prove, Improve, Account, the Guide to social accounting and audit explains how tools such as LM3 (local multiplier), outcomes stars, and survey monkey can be used within the business framework prescribed by social accounting practice. For more information, go to

Finally, Mary would want me to remind you that anyone can take part in SAN’s own social accounting… see below for a link to a survey monkey questionnaire about whether SAN is delivering its Mission, Vision, Objectives and Activities…. See one of the tools in use, and give us feedback on how we are performing!


SAN Social Accounts – your chance to take part

SAN is preparing our social accounts - as a user of our website and stakeholder in our organisation, we would very much value your opinions. Please take this short survey by responding to the 10 questions on our Survey Monkey questionnaire. We will be collecting responses throughout July and early August 2012.

Thank you on behalf of the SAN Board of Directors

To take part click the below link:

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Social Accounting and Audit In Croatia

This following extract is from a report by Suncana Glavina Petrievic who attended a PIA Workshop in London in November 2011 along with a colleague, Sandra Magdalenic, to learn how social accounting and audit can assist the development of the social economy and non-profit organisations in Croatia.

Civil society in Croatia is still in development and transition phases. Today there are more than 50000 different registered associations, foundations, trade unions who present great social capital for future development. Social entrepreneurship in Croatia has been developing spontaneously within an undefined legal framework and without much support at national, regional or local levels.

As part of a national strategy for creating an enabling environment for civil society initiated by the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship, it was recognized as important to develop the social economy and non-profit entrepreneurship.  

Social business initiatives around the country are facing many administrative, financial and organizational difficulties in starting and running their social enterprises. The most common issues and obstacles social entrepreneurs are facing are lack of managerial skills, business planning, HR management, financial management, marketing, and reporting on social benefits. 

Social impact assessment is a growing field in Croatia. It is recognized as an important evaluation/development framework not only by Civil Society Organizations (CSO) and social enterprises, but also by various other organizations, including the private business sector, the public sector and donors and foundations.

Social accounting and audit was first introduced in Croatia in 2006 by S. Pfeifer (Faculty of Economics in Osijek) in his Management Handbook where he described social audit as “systematic evaluation and reporting on the activities of companies that have an impact on society”. Similar definitions could be found in various other papers and presentations.

In 2010 the British Council organized training on “Social Business Planning” delivered by Freer Spreckley (Local Livelihoods, UK) who introduced Social Audit to Croatian CSO trainers. In the same year, the University of Pula organized the first workshop on SAA in Croatia, hosted by Peter Friedrich (University of Tartu, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration). Since then a basic e-learning course on social accounting has been developed for their students that should be running in 2012.

In 2011, several conferences and training events were organized for social entrepreneurs and CSO leaders on social entrepreneurship by various organizations which included social impact assessment, SROI and SAA as tools and methods.

At the end of 2011 the Centre for eco-social development CEDRA-Cakovec was established. Although there are private businesses offering services of social impact assessment, CEDRA-Cakovec recognized the growing need for structural support and capacity building of CSOs/social enterprises and aims to provide them with high quality services and products. Some of the plans in SAA field for 2012 include a number of several introductory workshops and a national conference.

In April this year Suncana and Sandra approached SAN to assist in the delivery of a Social Accounting and Audit Workshop as part of the Esensee project led by Teo Petricevic involving15-days training on Social entrepreneurship and economy with 17 delegates from Croatia, Kosovo, Serbia and Macedonia. The workshop was conducted by a live video link between the UK and Croatia on April 30th 2012.  

It is hoped that Suncana and Sandra will attend social auditor training in the UK to complete their auditor qualifications to be able to provide PIA Workshops and help develop social accounting and audit in Croatia and neighbouring states.

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Measuring social value – news

Save the date for SIAA's annual conference on Thursday 22 November 2012 in Berlin, Germany.   

The conference will be a day-long event exploring the latest insights and practical knowledge around assessing and communicating social impact. 

This is an opportunity to debate key issues relating to social impact, hear about others' work, and share your experience and approach with peers. We'll be in touch with details of the venue and programme as it is confirmed.

To book a place, By email  

Charity Impact Measurement Conference
Tuesday 16 October 2012, London

The event is the third sector's leading impact conference and the place to go to learn how the impact measurement landscape is evolving and what it holds for the future.

Highlights of the day include:

  • The launch of The impact survey: the state of impact measurement in the UK charity sector, the largest in the UK ever. 
  • News from the Inspiring Impact coalition who are working towards a shared vision and common goals for measuring impact in the third sector. 
  • Impact measurement and the changing funding landscape: challenges and opportunities beyond 2012.

Speakers include:

  • Tris Lumley, Head of Development, NPC 
  • Jodi Nelson, Director of Strategy, Management & Evaluation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 
  • David McCullough, Chief Executive Officer, WRVS 
  • Martin Edwards, Chief Executive Officer, Julia’s House 
  • Elizabeth Harper, Regional Director, St Mungo's 
  • Mat Ilic, Programme Manager, Greater London Authority 
  • Kieron Kirkland, Development Researcher, Nominet Trust

Who should attend?

This conference is designed for charities, social enterprises, funding bodies and commissioners who want to improve impact measurement in the third sector.  

How to book

Prices start from £199 (plus VAT). For more details about the programme and for booking information visit the event website at

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Social Audit Network 

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