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New Guide to Social Accounting and Audit

The information and processes explained in this Guide reflect our experience of working with organisations since 1990. Social accounting and audit has a rich history and the processes developed have emerged from practical work with social economy organisations.

The new Guide aims to demystify and improve the process of social accounting and audit for all types and sizes of social economy organisations and to make links with the range of tools and frameworks which have been developed in recent years.

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This Guide is primarily for social enterprises and voluntary and community organisations – often referred to as Third Sector organisations. All have a central purpose to deliver social, community, local economic and/or environmental benefits.

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The New Guide is based on the Social Accounting and Audit Manual (plus CD) published by the Social Audit Network.

This new Guide takes account of the growing experience of social accounting and audit in recent years and includes reference to the range of frameworks and methods developed to help organisations explain and account for their performance and impact. It is a “roadmap” to the social accounting and audit process and has been written for social enterprises, social economy organisations and voluntary sector organisations that wish to regularly account and report on their social, economic and environmental performance and impact.

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Here are some recent updates to three of the files on the CD... 

CD4 Information Sheet  CD40 Social Audit Panel Verification Checklist CD14 Key Aspects Checklists for Social Accounts 

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