SAN Conference 2017

Reporting on Social Value - Good News, Fake News, and the need for Social Audit

Friday 20th October 2017. 54 St James Street, Liverpool, L1 0AB   


Click here for a video with highlights from the whole SAN Conference

Our hugely successful conference focussed on social accounting in a morning of presentation, case studies and interactive sessions.


Feedback was extremely positive, and included:

 More inspired about the practical steps that we are taking

I never realised before the importance and impact of social accounting

Made me think about what to measure, how and why

First set of speakers gave some really good ideas 

Here are the presentations from the day:

SAN Presentation

Neil McInroy Video 


 In the afternoon, we talked about the need for audit and assurance of social impact reporting. Lively debate was led by Alan Kay (SAN), Jeremy Nicholls (Social Value UK), Latha Suresh (SAN India), Mike Thomas (Grant Thornton) and Richard Cobbett (Social Enterprise Mark).


Feedback included:

This is an area that I want to try and encourage at work to improve our effectiveness

Always inspiring / challenging

I enjoyed Group presentations in the afternoon and panel session

I learned the value of social audit and importance of working with others to make it happen

Some of the presentations included:


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Some of the presentations included

SAN was excited to welcome our first ever Poet in residence, Lyndsay Price: 


 Fake News

I remember when I was 5 years old

it was a frosty Christmas Eve and I was

filled with excitement and curiosity

I asked my mum how Santa

was going to fit through our tiny chimney

Without even blinking she replied

“He’s got a magic key

he’ll open up the front door

and put your presents under the tree”

I remember when I was 13

my mum cut out the pages of a teen magazine

so that I would not read the article about rape

I’m not saying that what my mum did was bad

from a place of protection and love

my mum did what she could to keep me young

didn’t deny me of the facts

just simply waited till I was old enough

 But from as early as I can remember

the truth around us has been twisted to fit an agenda

not necessarily in the name of peace or safety

but in the name of fulfilling someone else’s

unbalanced need

 These days, news stories are resembling

whispers on the playground

because truth is a word full of puncture wounds

and is rapidly deflating

Truth has led us down a path with little more than

breadcrumbs in our pockets

Truth is a friend who neglects to text, then posts on Facebook

but says their phone was “broken for a bit”

The truth here is grown inside a petri dish

fed artificial food,

never sees the natural light of day,

instead lives under phosphorescent

 I dream of a future where truth is sacred

and never watered down or tampered with

 But in a world where truth holds a very hollow meaning

it might be wise to look inside

and see what fake news of our own

we may be perpetuating

I aspire to be a pillar of honesty

but I weave poems out of stories for a living,

turn pain into paper stars

and I sprinkle art all over everything

I would never be able to do that

without a touch of creative licensing

 I’m not saying this makes me just as bad

or that we should tell our kids the real reason

why Santa can’t fit through the chimney,

I’m just saying that it’s important to recognise

that even white lies can contribute

to the problem we are having

You are instrumental in the fight for truth

But first, look in the mirror and be honest

because fake news starts with you

Lyndsay Price


Lyndsay is a spoken word artist based in Liverpool. She is especially interested in using art as a tool to ignite social change. She hosts a monthly spoken word night in Liverpool called Rhymes & Records and runs an ongoing 10 week course called Find Your Voice. She is a drama school graduate, National Youth Theatre of GB alumni and previous creative resident at mac birmigham.  

 Blog:    Facebook: @Lyndsaywritespoems    Twitter: @saltwaterpoetry