SAN in Australia

The Mercury Centre Cooperative Ltd in Sydney, Australia is a collaborative, social enterprise catalyst working with organisations and communities to build sustainable enterprises and equitable wealth. Mercury provides a range of programs including consultancy, research, information, training and resourcing services.

Mercury has a long term association with social and ethical accounting frameworks in Australia and are now working to re-generate SAA in Australia.  Mercury is establishing an “Associates” network to develop, promote and enable training for practitioners and assisting community organisations to adopt SAA, while administering processes for the accreditation and assessment of SAA reporting.

In achieving this, Mercury plans to become the network leader for readily accessible and affordable SAA in Australia. Mercury with its associates will manage the development, start-up, growth and structural support for SAA across the country, combined with a strong commitment to SAA values.

Mercury is developing links with SAA practitioners in other parts of the world and has joined SAN UK as a formal “sister organisation”.

There are many good reasons why SAA will add considerable value to the growth and performance of the social economy in Australia and Mercury sees itself as being at the forefront of this important social development.

SAA in Australia - please visit the Mercury website  for more information and contact details.

Note: Australian SAA training will commence in early 2017.